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Ice Hockey Miracle Jim Craig vs Boris Mikhailov


This is my 4th brick build breakaway series stop motion ice hockey design and now my 2nd design from the 1980 Miracle on ice hockey game between the heavily favored Russians and the underdog USA. That first design was Mike Eruzione's game winning goal, but this build is designed more for in my opinion the real star of the game in the USA goaltender Jim Craig #31. The shot total was Russia 39 and the USA 16, so needless to say the underdog USA team was very lucky to win much thanks to Jim's amazing performance legendary which will one day out live his own life. And Russia hit the post I know once early in first minute of game, and again in 3rd period seems like. 

Jim was amazing stopping 36 of 39 shots and most of them were big kick saves. I never seen so many pad/kick saves by one goalie in one game. All be it this sequence above the Russian star player their center and team captain Boris Mikhailov #13 rips a slap shot labeled high corner, and Jim flashes his glove re-directing the heavy shot over top of the goal, maybe his best save of the game.

This set now pushing 1275 pieces and the sets have evolved from my first build to this 4th one now.

1. The goalie catching glove and goalie mask has changed to way more accurate and hinged designs, as well as pads changed shapes, size color, and design depending on which era of my now 4 ice hockey designs. 

2. There are stars and numbers added to both jerseys via 13 and 31 the USA jersey as well as famous C.C.C.P. on the Russian jersey.

3. Much detail down to the twin shamrocks on the cheeks of Jim Craig's goalie mask, which is very accurate to the exact mask he wore some 38 years ago in Lake Placid New York on that most fateful night when USA beat the Russians and later went on to win the gold medal. 

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