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Keyhole Castle


Keyhole Castle

Built to a miniture scale but don't let the small size fool you! Keyhole Castle is busy with activity, acting as a trade port and home for the Keyhole King.

Keyhole Castle Features include:

- 7 Piece modular design.

- Play with it! Keyhole Castle is not fragile.

- Highly detail interior and exterior.

- Multipul placement positions for figures.

- Interconnecting rooms with hall ways and stair cases.

- Functional gatehouse gate.

- Purple, green and gold stain glass window.


Keyhole castle has been on my coffee table being built for almost a year, and I have spent more time than I care to admit on it. Keyholes Castle is a pocket style castle where it breaks down and is able to be played with, fitting as much into the avaliable space as possible.



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