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Viking Longship with Working Catapult

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     Hello everyone,
     This is a Viking longship I made, having been fascinated with them for some time. It is not meant to be historically accurate, but rather fun and playable.
     It features a firing catapult, a rowing crew, a real Lego sail, a dragon masthead, twelve round shields, and cargo of various sizes and shapes. There is a flame element in the dragon's mouth and three rows of benches for the rowers. I have attempted to create this Viking longship in a way that will appeal to Lego builders of all ages.
     Please check out this short demonstration video of the catapult.

     By rotating the winch, the Lego chain pulls down the catapult arm, which is powered by a Lego rubber band. Three projectiles are included in this model.
     I realize that Lego has sold Viking sets before, but I think it is such a versatile and playable idea that it should be brought back for all builders.
     Thank you for viewing; please support!
God bless you,

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