Product Idea

Star-Class JShip

This is a cool War Space Ship.The minifigures include a Captain (left), Star Warriors (middle), a Gunner (right),and a Robot Warrior (on little hover thingy). The ship itself has an easy-removal roof so the customer can play inside the command center.It also has another easy-removal part.That is the ability to take off the entire command center to enable play in the bottom area.The bottom area has a seat right behind flick missiles for the gunner.It also has seats for warriors who want to sit down.Behind the bottom area,there is an outdoor seating area along with blasters (for protection) and vertical stabilizers (for decoration).Moving on to the hover thingy... Every war space ship set has to have an enemy vehicle.Even LEGO City sets have an enemy vehicle.This set's enemy vehicle is the hover thingy.It has a similar design to the hover thingy in the LEGO Star Wars Madalorian Battle Pack.Below the handle bar, there is two blasters (same as on the back area of the ship) for shooting the space ship.Now for the extra stuff.I would sell this for about $30 USD because of its many play features and because it has about 520 pieces.The recommended age group should be 7-14. This Space War is Robots VS Stars and this is mainly a Star set.This is a very cool set and I hope it gets made.