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Royal Family Carriage


Dear LEGO guys and the lego.ideas community,

I'm proud to show you my second project - the Royal Family Carriage custom set which would be appealing to girls and boys as well, now the Royal Family is finally united and may spend some great time while traveling! Thanks a lot to LEGO for those great Minifigures of the King, Queen and the Princess!

The carriage sides are openable and they uncover the inner compartment which has two trones for King Robert and Queen Mathilda. The back part of the carriage has an open top and it is the place for Princess Olivia (and her enchanted prince in the form of a frog) - it has many decorations like the rose diamonds from the Royal Treasury and flowers from the Enchanted valley.

On the top you can find a triple crossbow turret which is manned by the Chief of the Royal Guard Sir James Redbeard - this will keep the family safe while riding through not so safe areas of the kingdom.

The set comes with 5 minifigues:

- King Robert the Great

- Queen Mathilda

- Princess Olivia

- The chief of the Royal Guard Sir James Redbeard

- Plank the coachman

I really hope you guys like this set!

Please support my other project - the "Remote Yeti's House" 

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