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I Robot


Hello and welcome to my project, I Robot!

          My inspiration: One day, I found a box full of Lego bricks. I thought, What should I build out of this? I dumped all of the bricks out and started thinking of ideas. Should I build a Lego couch? No. A Kitchen? Eh. A Robot? Yay! Then I got to work. When I finished I thought I should add more stuff to it. Luckily, there were additional bricks so I started building things like a desk and a ladder. Lastly, two minifigures to complete it and then BOOM, my Lego project was born!

          Minifigures: A teenager and the mother

          Robot Details: Red eyes, movable arms and legs, could fly (imagination)

          Table details: Wrench holder, lamp, coffee mug, extra pieces to add a little bit of clutter

          Ladder Details: has little steps, ladder can be removed from steps

          Pieces: 80

Hope you support my project and thanks for visiting!