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Zombie Defence Unit

Hello everyone,

When I was 11 years old I saw Resident Evil for the first time. Since then I always dreamed of a LEGO set like this one. A tank, some guys with guns and ZOMBIES.
A few days ago I desided to create this project and when I was building the tank I was trying to make it Sci-Fi looking, so that it dosent look too much like real life tanks.

This "set idea" features:
Zombie Defence Unit Tank with 4 flick fire missiles
A small house, with a window that falls out
6 minifigures:
1 male zombie defence trooper
1 female zombie defence trooper
1 male zombie defence scientist
1 civilian
2 Zombies

Four sides of the tank and inside of the tank.

6 minifigures and accessories.

To give this set more playability and make it more "for kids" i got an idea to give the civilian an double sided face. One scared face and one zombie face. So that the civilian can become a zombie and later be cured by the Zombie Defence Scientist.

Mikołaj Steczko

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