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Steampunk Pendulum Timer


Efforts Towards a New Mechanism

Let me tell you, my friends, a good escapement mechanism is hard to make- hard to make it work, that is.  Here is a bit of a sneak peek. I'd really like to use a few of these first-generation Lego gears if I can... I have it ticking in a video but it doesn't seem that I can upload that in an update. With the first update I uploaded it to YouTube first. I have some Ideas to make a much more solid mechanism just in case this makes it the other 99% of the way to 10 000... but it's not there yet.


The Men Who Keep It Ticking Over

One thing this project needs is a few minifigs who keep things running and in good repair... and safe and secure from the Bad Guys


Steampunk Pendulum Timer in Action

Thank you all for your support so far! Here is a YouTube video of the Timer in Action!