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NYC Street Gym

NYC Street Gym

Instead of always being indoors, these three fitness enthusiasts, developed the idea to work-out outside.
Not being discouraged by can't-do's and will not's, they managed to set up a complete workout area for anyone to join. Simply in the streets of New York City. This is the NYC Street Gym.

What is there to do and see?

  • A TRX suspension trainer, safely connected to the wall
  • Next to the TRX is a collection of dumbells and kettlebells
  • There is a chest press for the heavy workout
  • The good old home trainer, made with one of the spare bikes
  • And the crosstrainer to add some more cardio exercises

Funny and customized things:

  • Upper left: a hole where the mouse is living
  • On the hometrainer: no-smoking sign, pointing out the obvious
  • Top row of bricks, to the right: customized graffiti style brick with "CrossFit" text on it
  • Note that both the torso and pants of all there minifigures have an own design
  • To make sure they would be able to work-out after sunset, they placed two industrial type lights with standard
  • The base exists of two plates with a hinge brick in the wall which make it possible to slide the plates open to change the look of the model

Who are these guys?

  • Todd has won in 1988 the Iron Man triathlon and is still in an excellent shape
  • Rob is still working the TRX each day to get the best abs in town
  • Xavier has a lot of trouble getting to the desired amount of weight. He is living the quote his t-shirt is showing 


To my best opinion this set represents resourcefulness. These guys had no gym to go to and created their own in the street and made it available for others. True spirit of sharing.

There is no Lego set yet published based only on gym/fitness. Combined with the urban scenery, I thought, I'd give it try.

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