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Batmobile vs. Jokermobile

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1980's Style Batmobile
When LEGO finally produced a classic Batman with yellow oval around the batsymbol on his chest, I desperately wanted a classic, 1980's style Batmobile.

Since LEGO seemed to be drawing more from the 1990's Batman movie, I decided to build my own, isn't that the best thing about LEGO bricks, just build your own if you want. I also wanted a two-seat Batmobile so Batman and Robin could ride together to fight crime.

The Batmobile has a small hood that opens up to reveal the 8-cylinder engine. It also has a trunk that opens for storing crime fighting gadgets, if necessary.

For some reason, I had an urge to build the Joker grin out of LEGO bricks. I had two versions. After the grins were done, I figured I'd build a vehicle to attach the grin to, similar to some of the Joker-mobiles seen in the comic books.

As I was building the vehicle, I opted for the second version of the grin, the first was to wide.

Whereas the Batmobile is wide and looks powerful, like Batman's wide and powerful shoulders and body to fight crime with, I wanted the Jokermobile to look more nimble and smaller, like how Joker is lanky and flexible.

Again, I wanted a two-seat vehicle, so Joker and Harley could ride together on their withdrawal trips to the bank.

The Jokermobile has a hinged roof and the doors swing open to make it easier to place Joker and Harley in the vehicle.

Above you can see the open hood of the Batmobile and it's eight cylinder engine block.

Above you can see the open trunk of the Batmobile.

Above you can see the hinged roof on the Jokermobile. As mentioned earlier, both doors also swing open to access Joker and Harley.

Uh-oh, looks like Joker and Harley are trying to get away after their recent bank withdrawal. Luckily Batman and Robin are there in the power Batmobile to stop them!

What happens next!?

You decide!

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