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The Scarlet Cupbearer, Pirate Steam Paddle Skiff


"Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main.." or in the case of The Scarlet Cupbearer, steaming. The open seas call to the restless soul but some are looking for more than the vastness of the rolling waves and endless skies. Some seek swashbuckling adventure, the dodgy path, or maybe a little of both.

The Scarlet Cupbearer is a set designed around a recognized theme yet allowing the creator to spin a yarn of many colors. From a swashbuckling hero of the high seas, to a cruel and terrible seabound tyrant, The Cupbearer could be either, both, or fill any role the creator may desire. And the set comes with a pirate captain just in case The Cupbearer is not enough.

Features include:

  1. Flick fired grapnel hook with line and spool
  2. The Cupbearer, ships figurehead
  3. Detailed steam engine
  4. Spinning paddle wheels
  5. 1 barrel and 2 boxes for treasure in the ships hold
  6. 1 peg-leg pirate minfigure with cutlass, cape, and pirate hat

Designed to be easy to build but containing numerous details to spark the creators yarn spinning mind, The Scarlet Cupbearer is as limitless as the as the waters she steams.

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