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The Little Prince


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This model is a tribute to one of the greatest books ever, The Little Prince.
I built this model because I thought it would look very cute in a Lego set, and hopefully, it can get there!
This is what the set includes:
The famous planet that the Prince lives on also called asteroid B-612. On the planet, he has his little fox friend, a watering can, and his box with him. The planet is designed to look like the original cover drawn by Antione de Saint-Exupéry, with the little wilting orange flowers, and the volcanoes. The Prince is also hanging on to birds, taking him to the unknown.
The other parts of the set are:
The lone rose, in it's glass case, the baobab tree, that needs to be exterminated, or it can harm small planets like the Prince's. This set also includes the red plane.
The backdrop of the model is also based on the original cover art for the book, with the circles and stars.

I hope you enjoy, and please support!