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Geonosian Arena Beasts: ACKLAY, NEXU & REEK

. . . battle the Beasts in the Petranaki Arena on Geonosis! who doesn't love this scene in Starwars Episode II? & wouldn't it be great to have brick-built versions those beasts to recreate it?

well here's my design for such a set. it would include all the bricks required to build a minifig scale ACKLAY, a NEXU and a REEK, along with the 3 columns & minifigs of Anakin, Padme and Obi-Wan. the set would feature around 600 pieces to build:

- 1 x Acklay
- 1 x Nexu
- 1 x Reek
- 4 x minifigs (Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme and perhaps a Geonosian)
- 3 x Arena Columns

. . . sound good?

well if you want this set made i need your support. register with CUUSOO, tell everyone you know to do the same, and get going . . .

there is potential for this set to be expanded to include modular add-on sets such as:

- a Caged Gateway inc. a brick-built Orray + a Geonosian 'Picador' minifig
- an Arena Viewing Platform inc. Poggle the Lesser, Count Dooku + a Neimoidian minifigs
- an Arena wall/seating area inc. Geonosians + Jango Fett & a young Boba Fett minfigs

. . . the fearsome ACKLAY has joints 4 joints in each of its 6 legs, as well as in the neck, head claws and tail. he's built from almost 300, mostly Sand Green and Tan, bricks and stands around 180mm tall . . . good luck Obi-Wan!

. . . the lithe NEXU has joints in all its legs, neck and both tails. it is made from more than 70 Very-Light-Grey and Dark Bluish-Grey bricks. . . . he'll make an easy meal of a Geonosian, but might find Padme more than a match!

. . . the lumbering REEK has 3 points of movement in each leg and an opening mouth. it is made from around 200, mainly Dark Bluish-Grey, Dark Red and Pearl Gold bricks . . . Anakin (and Jango) will be 'bowled-over' to meet this guy!

. . . the 3 Arena Columns feature fixing points for chains / handcuffs and one is designed with a simple trigger mechanism that would enable it to break in half & collapse.

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