Product Idea

Sonic the Hedgehog

Welcome to the world of Sonic!

This is a Brickheadz type build based on the famous character, Sonic. The overall part count for this build is around 150 pieces. It also features a custom Sonic logo made by Bricks_Of_Tomorrow.

I built this model because it would be so cool to have a Lego version of the Sonic character in Brickheadz form. I think that any fan of Sonic or the game would love to have a Sonic character of their own.

This detailed build has some cool features, and I think it represents the character pretty well. There is his long fur (or hair) in the back, a round tile plate for his belly, and his red sneakers on the bottom of the build. There are some other features, but those are the main ones.

- Bricks_Of_Tomorrow