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THE BUS - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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It took me nearly 2 months but now it's finally done, The Bus! This iconic plane from the Marvel's Agents of Shield TV show is the ultimate mobile command centre. Shown in both seasons 1 and 2 and maybe even 3 this vehicle transports the characters from mission to mission acting as both a home and transport for the crew. Given to Phil Coulson by Nick Fury to make his special team, The Bus has an interrogation room, sleeping chambers, a command centre, a garage, a lab, an office and a Bar. All these are also included in this lego version. This set also comes with 7 minifigures, an SUV and Lola.


This set includes 7 minifigures: Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz, Jenna Simmons, Melinda May, Grant Ward, Skye (Daisy Johnson) and Nick Fury. Coulson has a pistol. Fitz has his self-designed night-night or freezer pistol. Simmons has a syringe and a vial. May has a pistol, Ward has a pistol, Skye has a camera, a smartphone and a laptop and finally, Nick Fury also has a pistol. All the minifigures need custom printing. 


The SUV has place for 5 people and some equipment. It has opening doors and easy to remove side windows. It also has an opening rear door. In the back of the SUV there is a small mobile surveillance post.


Coulson's 1962 Corvette has opening doors and no roofing. it's wheels rotate to change into flying mode and there is a stand included so that it can hover or fly.

The Bus

Since the bus is rather large I will be dividing the description into various sub descriptions, starting with the outside. I added the S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagle emblem on the roof just like the real thing. All six engines tilt for vertical takeoff and landing. The roof over the cockpit and the ramp at the rear of the plane also open. the entire sides of plane hinge down to allow access to the inside. Under the cockpit there is a front wheel that retracts inward. Also there are two sets of wheels under each of the wings. These fold down and outward for maximum stability.

The Garage/Cargo Hold

The Garage has place for both the SUV and Lola with some room to spare. it has 5 parachutes attached to one wall (one for everyone except Coulson who has Lola) and a set of stairs to the upper level on the other side. it also has a grappling rope near the entrance to use in missions or emergencies. 

The Lab

The lab is the largest and most detailed section of the ship. It has sliding doors that lead in from the garage and a small door at the other end to the mechanics room. It has a medical station with a robotic surgery arm, a stretcher and an X-ray machine. On the other side is a decontamination shower. In the centre of the lab is an observation table with robotic arms and multiple controls. On the table is the Freezer sniper rifle used in episode 1. The rifle has a freezer tip and a collapsable bipod. On the Left wall is a tool rack, a distiller and some artifacts collected in the missions. The artifacts include: the laser from episode 2 (0-8-4), the Chitauri Helmet from episode 6 (FZZT), part of the berserker's staff from episode 8 (the Well) and the obelisk or diviner from season 2. On the right side of the lab there is a holographic control panel, a microscope some computers and a whole lot of cabinets. the cabinets are to hold a vareity of scientific tools and items that could come with the set. 

Mechanics Room

The mechanics room has a control panel, some energy columns and the wiring system. The wiring system can fold out so that Fitz can fix mechanical errors.


The cockpit has seats for the pilot, the co-pilot and the navigator. Opposite to the navigators seat there is a cabinet for May's Secret Phone. There is a door at the back leading to the main area of the plane.

Coulson's Office

Coulson's Office has a desk, a chair and his display case. The desk has Coulson's badge and a newspaper featuring a town hero who could be Mike Peterson from the first episode. His display case features some trophies and collected items. 

Command Centre

The Command centre includes screens on the outer wall and a holographic table.

Interrogation Room / Prison Cell

The interrogation room has a silver table and 2 turning chairs. It also has a security camera.

Sleeping Qaurters

I added only one room for sleeping although there are at least 3 in the show. They are not featured very often so I only made the one to save space. It has a bed and a small desk.

Lobby / Breakroom

The lobby Has two chairs and a couch. It also has a table. The table has 2 different newspapers and 2 take-out coffee cups. It also has a cake.


The Bar has an entire cupboard of bottles and a pitcher on the bar. There is also a glass and a beer tap on the bar. Hanging from the ceiling above the bar are the glasses and cups. 

That was the entire description. Thank you and please support. I believe that this is the coolest vehicle in the show and possibly even in the entire Marvel universe. Also follow for new projects almost every week.