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Garden Center Greenhouse

Welcome to the Garden Center Greenhouse

People in the City need a place to buy their houseplants. That's why they shop at the Garden Center Greenhouse. The friendly and helpful staff are on hand to help customers with their indoor and outdoor plant needs, as well as any supplies they might need, such as pots or spray bottles. This is a truly green greenhouse, too. The ceiling-based water misters, the cash register, and all other electric devices are powered by a small solar array, and the windows open to provide fresh air and rain when needed.

About the set

This set was built from 880 pieces and includes three minifigures - two employees and one customer. It's a fully playable set, opening with hinges down the center to allow complete access to the interior.

I built the Garden Center Greenhouse because I believe it would complement many City layouts, but at the same time we don't see many current sets that spotlight the botanical side of life.

Let the Garden Center Greenhouse grow!

Thank you very much for your support! I look forward to seeing this project come to life!

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