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The Simpsons - Plow King

When the SNOW starts a FALLING, there's a man you should be CALLING!

As Homer's snow plow business, titled "Mr. Plow", is a booming success, Homer is given the key to the city in recognition of his service to the community. Barney Gumble, envious of Homer’s achievements, asks how he can be a success as well. Homer advises him go out and be the best Barney he can be. The next day it is revealed that Barney has purchased an even bigger plow, and has started a rival company under the title of "Plow King".

Barney creates his own commercial, with Linda Ronstadt involved in singing the jingle, which defames and slanders Homer. Homer pays an agency to make him a new commercial, which turns out to be completely nonsensical. Homer loses his success to Barney, and Mayor Quimby retrieves the key to the city from Homer and gives it to Barney.

To get revenge and regain his customers, Homer tricks Barney into plowing a driveway on Widow’s Peak, a large treacherous mountain outside of town. Homer begins to plow driveways again, but sees a news report showing that Barney has been trapped in an avalanche. Homer immediately drives to the mountain and rescues Barney.

Barney's truck has 364 pieces with rotating front snow plow, engine and side door access, Plow King Logo, side boiler tanks, large cockpit, mudflaps, opening rear container for snow and other storage and a set of fog lights. BUUUUUUUUUUURP!

If you like the design (one of the most difficult), please support my project.



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(The Simpsons, Season 4, Episode 9 ‘Mr Plow')

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