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Lego Theater and Motel / a three story building with rooftop deck. This movie theater is complete with ticket booth, popcorn concession stand, red carpet and large movie screen. The motel reception area is also on the first floor, with three motel rooms on the second floor and a large penthouse suite on the third floor. All accessible from the lobby elevator.

Movies coming soon to Lego Theater. Lego Green Lantern, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego Forest Gump, and Lego Toy Story 3. Now playing is Clutch Powers.

First floor, Lego Theater and Hotel Lobby. Inside the Lego Theater are guests watching the latest Clutch Power's movie, and eating their popcorn. There is a ticket agent at the ticket window, working both the ticket window and popcorn and soda concession stand. And a second employee waiting to take the movie goers ticket stubs.
In the Hotel Lobby guest are greeted with an aquarium, beautiful flowers, and friendly receptionist. The receptionist has a computer and telephone on his counter. Behind the reception counter is the hotel elevator that will take you up to the second and third floors, as well as the roof top deck.

The Second Floor contains three guest rooms. Each room has a separate entrance, bed, tv and full bathroom.

The Third Floor is the Penthouse Suite. It has a private entrance, kitchen, dining room, living room, queen sized bed and large bathroom with oversized soaking tub and separate shower.

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