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BrickHeadz: Mount Rushmore

A little peek behind the scenes


EDIT: A quick update to my update: The headlight brick below doesn't work in the real world like it does in Stud-io.  The side stud presses against the brick next to it and knocks the top stud just a weee bit out of alignment.  You can use the single-stud technic brick with a round hole through it instead. 

These are the kinds of things you learn when transitioning a digital design to the real world.


Hi all!  A couple of folks yesterday had expressed interest in some details, and I just wanted to show you how they went together.

Roosevelt's glasses are a couple of 1x1 plates and a 1x2 jumper hooked up to the back of a headlight brick.  The side plates cover any gaps:

The mountain goats are just a rounded handle plate and a clip plate, attached to a clip tile that's mounted sort of "below the surface" and hidden behind other elements, so that it looks like it's standing on legs, rather than floating on a handle:

And there you have it!  A little peek behind the curtain at how some of this came together.

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Thanks for checking in, and thanks for your support!