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Classic Space Friendly - Troop Carrier Mk II

Ever wanted to be able to move up to 10 of your classic space minifigs in style? This model allows you to do that. It is a simple design, taking less than 24hrs from initial design phase to execution and build, using bricks typical of the classic space period.

The colour used here is generic, the colour scheme could be altered to more accurately reflect the blue/grey/yellow of the first series of classic space ships or the white/grey/blue of the second series.

Minifigs can be accessed through the rocker plates at the top of the ship, and the rear engine bays can swing open, much like the original series of ships in the classic space fleet.

The minifigs sit in the cargo bays facing each other. There is a special seat for the pilot and for the troop commander.

As you can see, the minifigs are packed in but are able to sit in their own assigned positions. While it is a little boxy, it does reflect the design aesthetic of the period even if it emphasizes the cockpit and cargo bay and pays less attention to the wing formats and shapes.

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