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Mr Bean's Surprises the Queen


Mr Bean visits the Queen


You’ve seen the Queen standing on the balcony during royal events, example the royal wedding, so why not build her in Lego?  So here is my proposal for Mr Bean’s visit to London and also to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday.


My model of the Queen shows her on the balcony of Buckingham Palace waving and speaking to the public.  My design consists of 234 pieces and a miniature version of the Palace balcony and front façade, Mr Bean with his teddy, holding a bouquet of flowers, and 3 royal guards.  One of the guards has fainted.  This is my take on the actual fainting of a guard during the official birthday celebration.


I am hoping that this traditional British scene will appeal to all British patriots as well as tourists and will gain enormous support.  I thank everyone for supporting my previous designs and hope you will do so again.