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Old East Europian House

I present to you my first MOC!

This building was made on the basis of wooden houses that were in Eastern Europe in the time between the 17th and 19th centuries.

The house is a three-story building:

  • First floor - Here you will be able to find a kitchen that stores various foods such as: carrots, bread, eggs, water. There is also a jug and a basket of berries. Opposite the kitchen is a table on which there is a candle, as well as plates of food. On the ground floor you can also find a bench and various decorations on the shelves.

  • Second floor - This is the bedroom. A beautiful wooden bed, a cozy lullaby for the baby, a table for reading and writing. Near the bed there is a bedside table with a candle, near the table too. There is a book, a pen, a mug of water and flowers on the table. On the shelves are various decorations for the home.

  • Third floor - Attic. Here you will be able to see two chests. One of them is with copper, silver and gold coins, and the second contains meat. Lots of bags with various things, wooden boards, a barrel of tools and a candle. A spider lives in the attic. He wove a really big web! Two mice live next to him.

Exterior of the house:

Large and beautiful house, decorated with greenery, a chimney, decorations and 10 windows (4 on the first floor, 5 on the second and 1 on the third).
The roof is detailed with imitation boards.
The balconies are decorated with various wooden patterns. Birds love to sit on them.
Bushes, flowers and grass are located in the courtyard of the house. A stone path leads to the house, some stones can be found in other places in the yard. There is even a squirrel!
The house is guarded by a dog that is tied to a chain. But she has her favorite bone.


The family consists of grandfather, father, mother, son, daughter and baby.
Each of them (except the baby) has their own accessories, such as a cookie, a fork, an axe, a glass, a bow, arrows and a teddy bear.

An additional minifigure is a rider on a horse (something like a postman).
He has a shoulder bag, a pen for writing and his horse, a faithful companion.

Their clothes are old clothes from the 17th - 18th centuries.

I hope you like my idea. If so, you can support me and share this with your friends!
Piece count: 1667.

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