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The Place Nextdoor Cafè


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Main Description: This is a good-sized, corner cafè, where one may come, buy a coffee, and relax - looking out from the large windows from either the first floor or the second. There is even a bench where you may sit in the outside air. You are also able to buy pies, if you wish to do so. The back walls are hung with abstract art, to interest the customer. This is a great place for one to bring his/her friends, just hang out, drink good, freshly-made coffee, and have a great time at a local business. 

Second Description: This set was designed as an addition to the Modular series, and I first got the idea from a smaller, much rougher version I built in real LEGO bricks. That gave me the idea to make a better one on LDD, and as I worked on it I began to think it would look great as a Modular set, to go with the other's LEGO has released.

If you have any suggestions for making this project better, feel completely free to state them in the comments. If you like the look of this project, and wish to see it one day as a real LEGO set, please hit the big blue "SUPPORT" button. Thank you for viewing.  

This project has been rendered with Blue Render. I apologize if the silver is a little pixelated, but I really can't fix that.


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