Product Idea

Floating City

You may have a city made of Lego, but what about a steampunk style floating city?

I really love the early 20th century, I love art deco and early modern art, I love those vintage cars and trams. I love giant airships floating on the sky. I wonder, what if I mixed all that elements with a sci-fi city theme. That's why I build this project. I want to explore the possibility of an alternate reality.

The floating city could be a series of products, just like the Lego city products. This project here is a core piece of the floating city, we can introduce new sets to expand the city.

What includes in this set are a floating 3-story house, a flying tram, a flying taxi and a few figures. The figures are kind of random chosed from my figures collection, I will update the figure's design if this project is welcomed.

The 3-story house is a modular build with interior, which includes a pizza take-out window and an hot dog take-out window. The flying car included with the set can stop by and buy food from the windows.  There's a tram stop at the door, a figure can stand there and wait for the tram.

I believe this could be a good Lego ideas set because:

1. Steampunk style combined with a beautiful color scheme. Sci-fi meets city, vintage meets high-tech, I think the theme is interesting to many people.

2. It's a little larger than a creator house and smaller than most modular buildings, in other words, it's not too large, it's affordable.

3. More sets can follow this, it has the potential of being a series of products.

If you like this, please support me. Any suggestion are also welcomed, thanks.