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Frisian Farmhouse


follow me on a journey into the past and play the country life in an original frisian "Gulfhaus" farmhouse with many details. The Gulfhaus have been built in the 16th and 17th century mainly in northern Germany and the Netherlands. Three generations live and work on this farm where there is always something to do. Feed the animals, preparing food, harvesting etc.

The project includes the house, which can be divided into many levels and always fully playable whilst also only removing some roof parts. The house with the living and dining area downstairs and sleeping area upstairs.
The ground floor leads directly into the barn, where the animals, the machines and the crop is stored. in the shed hay and straw is stored.

The tractor and trailer are fully usable same as all doors at this building. If the tractor makes time difficulties, the appropriate tool is in stock.

The set consists, along with numerous accessories and animals a three generation family: grandparents, parents, children, uncle and farm staff.

I think it's a wonderful idea, once almost all bring the country life in itself, but also the historic building and uses of such a building.

The farm is built on three baseplates with dimensions 16 x 32, so floor area of ​2 x 48 and is, despite its size, from only 2808 bricks.

Hope you enjoy and support :)

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