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SPACESHIP (SpaceX_inspired) "Great Men Series" : Elon Musk

I have created this new set as the first in a new series I will call: GREAT MEN. This LEGO series will be inspired by the men and women who have contributed to progress with great inventions. This first set is inspired by Elon Musk and his company called SpaceX. I wanted to create the rocket and spaceship that will be the first to take man back to the Moon or Mars in the not too distant future. The set I created consists of a launch pad, a launch tower, a rocket, a spaceship, a vehicle and a control room. What I have tried to create is not just a faithful reproduction of the SpaceX projects, but rather a game set with many interactions and surprises between the objects that make it up. The launch base is made to be connected to the launch tower and has pins inside to hold the rocket attached. The launch tower has a lift inside that functions properly via a pulley and cable at the top of the tower and can accommodate up to 4 minifigures inside, starting from the base and ending at the entrance to the spaceship. To secure the lift to a floor, simply move the side locking pin. In addition, the connecting bridge can be closed to allow the rocket to take off. The rocket at the base has a reproduction of the numerous engines and can be opened on one side via two hatches. The first one at the bottom shows part of the engines and a reproduction of the oxygen needed for combustion. In the top hatch, on the other hand, you will see the liquid hydrogen tank necessary for the rocket's chemical reaction. The rocket is connected by a rod to the spaceship, which can be easily separated. The spaceship has a hatch that can be opened. Inside is a vehicle with closed front and rear wheels so that it can fit inside the round section of the spaceship's hold. When the vehicle is removed from the hold, the wheels can be rotated and secured by means of an object to allow the vehicle to be properly aligned for travel. Opening the hatch will also give access to the control cockpit where two astronauts will be seated in reclining seats that can be modified for launch. Separate from the structure is the control room with a wall that can be opened. Inside the control room there are desks, computers and a mega screen to follow the launch procedures. Inside the set are astronauts, engineers and the minifigures representing ELON MUSK. 
When I created this set I wanted to build something beautiful but also something fun, something that would be enjoyable to build and to play with. For me in a Lego set the interaction and the surprises that can be discovered while playing are important. 

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