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Little Train Diorama

I've always been a fan of dioramas or small depicted scenes and thought I could design a diorama myself. Large dioramas are cool, but it is a challenge to bring enough details so that everything is recognizable and looks good. It was very fun.
I think the dark blue sky with the setting sun, the gray mountains in the background and the train that drives through the landscape have something very calming about them and they go well together.
And we all love trains. The train consists of 4 segments (locomotive / 1st wagon / 2nd wagon / 3rd wagon)

The whole build has a: Heigth of 9 cm (11 Studs)
Width of 11 cm (14 Studs)
Length of 5,5 cm (7 Studs)
Number of parts: 83

This build would be great to display on a shelf or something similar

It would be awesome if you guys press the "Support" button:)

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