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Underwater Ambush

Danny and Tony's friend Lewis has found the Water Jewel but has been ambushed by 3 of BIO's underwater mutants. Luckily, Lewis is protected by his underwater mech and will be able to fight back.
This set is 117 bricks and will include an underwater mech and a shrine. The mech is able to retract its legs and the arms are able to bend upwards and has small wheels. The 3 underwater mutants have legs that are able to make them live underwater. Splash is the character with the new mermaid legs (left), Tsunami has the old mermaid legs (middle), and Wave has the tentacle legs (right).

Splash has a helmet and a face from the Agents series with crab claws from the Atlantis series, Tsunami has old legs from a harry potter set that is based off of the goblet of fire with a ninja mask and face and the new gorilla hands from Legends of Chima, and Wave has a face from Agents, a frogman visor, and a robotic arm with a cone and horn and a dagger.

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