Product Idea

Bio Legend: CTM-01

Bio Legends is a series that takes place far in the future on planet earth where all human life has moved on to other planets to colonize on other worlds as earth remains barren.  At least, that's what most would believe when looking at a planet devoid of all life. Over where the pacific ocean once existed thats now a barren desert exist three robots that are working together to repopulate the earth with plantlife and to release animals into the ecosystem when the humans return home. The leader of this organization is known as "care taker module #1" or simplier known as CTM-01. The role that CTM-01 has is crucial, for his function is preservation. Being equipped to freeze his opponents with his ice axe fueled by liquid nitrogen, CTM-01 would do anything to preserve life with his allies. The other two robotic counterparts of the team preserving life represent peace(a water based character) and life(a jungle based character). Yet an ancient evil has reawakened up over in the continents of the planet due to a never ending storm of thunder and ash, "The Industrialists". Machines that polute the earth with massive loads of toxins which prevent our three heroes in expanding their forests. And in order to expand, the three heroes must defeat their enemy to bring life back to the planet for the humans arrival. The inspiration of this series is lightly based on Bioncle however the only things related to bionicle is the axe and some play features.


  • walking symulation

  • vertical arm swinging in right sholder

  • horizantal swinging function in right sholder

  • cockpit opens

  • can load and unload  CTM-01 out of mech

  • CTM-01 can transform into brain module when loading into mech