Product Idea

-Retra Hype- Concept Car

This is the -Retra Hype- It is a futuristic concept car, that has mostly been built out of the pieces from the Lego Ninjago Ninja Nightcrawler 70641. This idea has been made with lots of hard work and has been helped along the way by a lot of people: Mandylion777, My family and of course the Lego team themselves for making the bricks you see before you.
The brand name of the type of cars is Retra and the make of car is Hype. 
The car is has an electric motor and battery, as the future of cars is mostly based on electric, It is very quick and streamlined for races or for general use as a Supercar.

This car uses around 350 bricks and I hope to do a scaled version sometime in the future.
I think this would make a great set for anyone (young or old) because even if you don't like Ninjago, most people like sports cars!
I built this to get an awesome vehicle to add to my collection, and so I can start off the Retra cars brand.
If you want to see more from my Retra concept cars and bikes, tell me in the comments.

Here is a key to the images so far:

1- Open cockpit to insert driver.
2- Looking at the seat
3- Front view
4- Top view
5- Back side-on view
6- Back view
7- The electric engine
8- Closed cockpit (with me driving it!)
9- Open Cockpit with driver (me)
The last few images show how the lights on the back can turn on by adding a "battery" to the underside of the car.

Thank you to everyone who helps and supports this project!
Can we make it too 10,000? That's up to you guys!
Please also check out my other projects and contest entries on my profile.
Stay tuned for updates and comment your honest thoughts about this project!

Thanks to you guys, for making this happen!