Product Idea

Lord of the Rings The Dead Marsh

This is my idea for a lord of the rings dead marsh!  This idea includes All five minifigures from this scene, the figures are Frodo with elven cloak, the one ring, and sting as well. Sam with a short sword and elven cloak, Gollum, a ring wraith also known as a Nazgul, two dead marsh people and an ever so wanted Fell Beast.

Next, features!  There is a cave that you can enjoy playing with that hides Gollum and Sam from the nazgul overhead. Hide Frodo with a very neat play function, the translucent  blue bush in this idea which, simulates Frodo's elven cloak! Next, trudge past the two dead marsh soldiers through the fiery swamp. But beware for one could spring up from behind! Hours of play time awaits with the lord of the rings dead marsh idea!