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Moon Skipper


Moon Skipper.

More space explorer's needed, the Space Divide team once again need your help. We are sending Explorer and Botanist Dr Wat Kanatbe along with the new high speed planetary exploration vehicle Moon Skipper to help with the continuing mission to discover new life on distant planets. We need volunteers to blast off into space in search of new plants, animals, minerals and pizza toppings. If this is you then sign up at your local Lego Space Launch Pad. 5 minutes to sign up and the sky's the limit.

​Set Contains:

  • Explorer and Botanist Dr Wat Kanatbe.
  • The Moon Skipper, high speed planetary exploration vehicle.

The Moon Skipper gets its name from its ability to skip across the surface of liquid and solid land masses. This ability comes from the experimental gas called "floatium" which is used to inflate its tyres.

The handles on the front are there in case you run out of fuel, because of the floatium in the tyres the Moon Skipper can be used like a wheel barrow.

​ The idea behind the set.

I wanted to create a simple set for younger Lego users, that was cheap (with in the pocket money range) simple to build and sturdy. This is the sort of vehicle I see being driven around the garden, through grass and over mud. I didn't want any stickers as a small set like this is likely to end up in the bath, well it will with my kids as Lego is always a bath time favourite. I hope you like this set.


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