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Modular Detailed McDonalds

Happy 80th anniversary McDonalds! This event has inspired me to build this creation to it’s fullest and most detailed form. This includes:
-McDonalds sign
-Newspaper dispenser
-Seating area inside
-Seating area outside 
-Take-our bag
-16 mini figures 
-Stickers on signs
-Traffic light
-Condiment table
-Trashcan (2)
-Ronald McDonald Statue 
-Play Place
-Modular drink machine
-AC pipe (over kitchen)
-Back seating 
-Ordering Desk 
-Menus (2)
-Normal drink machine (in kitchen)
-Napkin dispenser one Condiment table
-Oven and stove

I built this build because many people recognize and love McDonalds when they see it, so they would immediately know what my build is representing. Because the 80th anniversary is here and many people enjoy builds that you can share with others and enjoy together, this creation has a greater significance to the people who would buy it. I enjoyed to build it and I can envision people building and playing with this set. This would make a great set because it lets imagination run wild in terms of what you can do with it. It is also great fun to build and share with others. Please follow and like! I’m lovin’ it!

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