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A-Wing Fighter: Ralph McQuarrie/Star Wars Rebels


As a huge fan of the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the Star Wars Original Trilogy, I really liked the idea that Star Wars Rebels would be using this work as the basis for their animation. One of my favourite pieces of concept art from McQuarrie is that of the A-Wings in Return of the Jedi. The blue and white colour scheme with hints of red and orange really screams out to me. LEGO has made countless sets based on the Saga, television series and expanded universe but I was always quite surprised they never released any concept sets. That being said, I give you my design for the A-Wing!

The build for this model is relatively similar to that of the previous, official A-Wing set from LEGO, 75003. The main differences here are the colour scheme and the design of the weapons. The guns on the official, Return of the Jedi movie-version A-Wing resemble light cannons, two on each side. The original, concept A-Wing had 1 huge cannon on each side, which just looked awesome. I tried to capture the nature of the craft's weapons as close as I could in LDD, which I think turned out pretty well.

Obviously, my LDD design doesn't feature the various printed/sticker detail that an official product would have and there is a lot of it on the concept art. I worked very closely with previous A-Wing models that have been released by LEGO in order to get the optimal structure and design for this set, as well as using the original McQuarrie concept art for reference. The design is by no means perfect, for example the two red 1x2 grill pieces on the hull would actually be better as sticker detail on the side of the large slopes and the two curved, grey slopes next to those stretch forward a lot more on the original art work. 

While I'm sure you think this design could use a lot of work, as I do, I feel that this model would really appeal to LEGO Star Wars collectors, particularly the fans of the Original Trilogy and Star Wars Rebels. I do suspect that LEGO will probably release a set based on this design with the release of Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, but I thought I would try and get a design for this vehicle out there first. 

Thank you for reading my project and I hope you decide to support it :)



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