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I.C.E. Interceptor


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Hungry four-armed aliens giving you trouble? Heard about a plan for aliens to invade Earth? Need to retrieve a rare ore from one of Pluto's moons with a bare chance of survival? Call these guys! I.C.E. is here to help. The Interstellar Cosmo-molecular Enforcement Agency is ready, willing, and fully capable of dealing with anything threatening the safety of any galactic citizen! They also look fabulous while doing it! This set would come with the following: one I.C.E. Interceptor, an I.C.E. agent (Special Forces gear), a weapons rack, and assorted weaponry. The agent also comes with a wig as well as the helmet. On a side note: This is all merely a sketch of the set. If LEGO decide to make this set, they are totally free to change whatever they wish.

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