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The Armored Kiwi


I present you the T.A.K. or  "The Armored Kiwi".

                   This kiwi robot is designed to patrol any kind of landscape for animal protection use.

                                                                   Not for military use. 

 At first I wasn't going to make a kiwi bird but as I sat down with my Lego pile and I saw my last creation which was a robot.I picked out his arm and saw a birds leg,so I decided to make a raven, but as I went on I couldn't make a wing so I thought, "One of the birds that can't fly is a kiwi" so I made a kiwi bird.             Any way I think it came out pretty good so I decided to put this up on Lego ideas for fun.

The T.A.K is 11 cm. tall when the leg are posed in the right way and it contains 70 bricks I think.


  • a articulated beak, back, tail, legs, and claws
  • rotatable feet

  Well I hope you guys like my project.

  If you do please smash that support button in the face and comment on my project.

  But remember the most important thing, NOT FOR MILITARY USE!

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