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SPACEX SUPERHEAVY STARSHIP: To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond


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Piece count: 2245
14 microfigures
43 inches tall

1/110th scale
(Same as Saturn V set)

The SpaceX Superheavy Starship, made to bring mankind to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, is the most powerful rocket ever built being twice as powerful as NASA's SLS. Stacked, it stands 394 feet tall.

The Superheavy Starship consists of two stages: The Superheavy booster and Starship spacecraft. The booster is powered by 33 raptor engines and stands 226 feet tall, holding 3,400 metric tons of propellant. The Starship itself is powered by 6 Raptor engines (3 sea-level, 3 vacuum), stands 164 feet tall, and holds 1,200 metric tons of fuel.

As well as being the largest and most powerful rocket ever built, Superheavy Starship is also first completely reusable rocket, as both stages return to earth for later use. Starship also has been selected by NASA for being the moon lander for later Artemis missions. If this is not impressive enough, Starship also provides the means to land the first humans on Mars and eventually may fly past Venus and the moons of Jupiter.

This model would make a great addition to anyone's LEGO collection and would look great alongside the LEGO Ideas Saturn V. Starship will play a very important role in space exploration in the coming years, thus it would make a great set. Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my build! Feel free to suggest improvements in the comments.

Thank you to the supporters of my other projects!

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