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Bean to Bar

This „Bean to Bar” set wants to present the chocolate making process.

For the visitors the building has 2 entrances. Through the left door you can directly enter to the chocolate shop. Through the right door you can reach the first floor, where you will have a great view to the factory. From this point of view, you can see the chocolate making process step by step. On this floor, you can admire a real cocoa tree with cocoa pods, you can find a tasting point as well, where you can try the chocolate fountain with fruits, and taste different types of chocolate and cookies.
As far as the process is concerned, the beans arrive from the cocoa farm, then you can see the next steps: 1. roasting, 2. grinding, 3. pressing, 4. mixing, 5. conching, 6. moulding, 7. wrapping. At the end we can get the fairtrade chocolate bars, which will be delivered to the stores. Leaving the view point, your trip ends in the chocolate shop. 😉

1406 pieces
13 minifigures (2 shop assistants, 2 truck drivers, 4 factory workers, 5 visitors)

I’m not an expert of the chocolate making process but I’m very interested in it. I had a chance to take a trip in some chocolate factory during my travels, and I’ve read, and watched a lot of videos about the chocolate production. So, this set is based on my researches.

I dedicate my work to all chocolate addicts 😊

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