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Ro'ik Chuun M'arh


The Ro'ik Chuun M'arh was a Yuuzhan Vong ship about the size of a Nebulon B Escort Frigate, or 300-400 meters long.  It was used for many roles, such as troop carrier, in which case it held Yorik-Trema landing craft. It was also used as a picket ship or for long-range reconnaissance.  It was heavily armed for its size, but could not project an interdiction field very well.

My Ro'ik Chuun M'arh has 3 minifigures, 2 Yuuzhan Vong warriors, and 1 Yuuzhan Vong pilot. The warriors have black armor and amphistaffs, and the pilot has dark red armor.  The ship also comes with 4 miniature Yorik-tremas, one of which is shown in the main image.  The Yorik-tremas fit inside the ship, which has a hatch on the bottom to drop them through.  The picture with the red lever shows where the lever is that must be puled to open the hatch and drop the landing craft. There is a console for the pilot to sit at, and space for more Yuuzhan Vong warriors to sit both above and behind the pilot, as well as in the very back of the ship. There are spring-loaded shooters on the "wings", and stud shooters on the bottom "wing".  

This ship is part of my growing Yuuzhan Vong fleet here on Lego Ideas, and I hope you all support the rest of it too. Thanks!


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