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Hoth V 150 Planet Defender (anti-orbital ion cannon)

Here is a midi scale version of the ion cannon of the rebels base. This is an assembly of pure Lego parts, and sticker-free of course.

In reference to it's well known look (see movieshot below), I've tried to construct a ball shape weapons system from the given rounded parts.

That results to a size somewhere between a golf and tennis ball. You can imagine it's dimension by comparing it with the minifigure. To give it an appropriate angularity, it's stand on a hidden hinge.

Today, the Planet Defender is placed seamless to my small private Hoth base (another MOC).

I hope you'll enjoy this small-sized construction and may build your own copy.

Here is the list of utilized parts:

background (optional):

1x 6082 Mountain Bottom 4X10X6
1x 32059 Plate 4X6 26 Degrees
x plus some snow-whites

cannon (bottom up):

1x (foundation) 3036 Plate 6x8 (or two Plates 6x4)
x (foundation) 54200 Roof Tile 1 X 1 X 2/3
x (foundation) 4121932 Roof Tile 1X2/45°
1x (foundation) 428601 Roof Tile 1X3/25°
3x (foundation) 3005 Brick 1X1
2x (foundation) 3004 Brick 1X2

1x (bottom) 60474 Plate 4X4 Round W. Snap
1x (bottom) 302001 Plate 2X4
2x (bottom) 2555 Plate w. clip 1 x 1
1x (bottom) 48336 Plate 1X2 w. Stick 3.18
2x (bottom) 302401 Plate 1x1 (or 1x2)
8x (bottom) 4550745 Plate 3x3 Round Corner

4x (body) 300401 Brick 1X2
8x (body) 609101 Brick w. Arch 1X1x1 1/3
8x (body) 3063 White Brick, Round Corner 2 x 2
1x (inside) 403201 Plate 2X2 Round
2x (inside) 614301 Brick Ø16 w. Cross
4x (body) 4073 (Light) Gray Plate, Round 1 x 1

8x (top) 3063 White Brick, Round Corner 2 x 2
1x (inside) 614301 Brick Ø16 w. Cross
1x (top) 474001 Parabola Ø16
1x (top) 403201 Plate 2X2 Round
1x (top) 4620380 Bottle 1X1x2 M

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