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Desert Racer


I am here to introduce the Desert Racer

The Desert Racer was built to be lightweight and to be very durable during rough play. This set includes the Desert Rider minifig along with a rifle, a pair of advanced binoculars, and a wrench to fix up the engines. All of these accessories can fit into the built-in storage compartment installed at the rear of the speeder. The storage compartment is easily removed and can be put back in place without any struggle. The cockpit also has an adjustable handle bar to make it very easy for any minifigure to fit. The speeder also has smooth caps on the bottom so that it can glide or sit smoothly on most surfaces. 

My Story

After spending a long fun night digging through random lego pieces and parts with my daughter, I finally came out of it with this. As proud as I was for constructing a pretty cool little vehicle, I didn't think much of it except for adding it to the ol'lego diplay on my shelf. However, after receiving many positive responses from close friends and family, it has allowed me to gain a new perspective and to see a potential opportunity. With this, I figured,"Why not just throw it out there for everyone to see?" As my new inspiration, I have envisioned this set to be a part of a new Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic type world that deals with characters in competition to survive the destructive regions by scavenging for useful parts and treasures. In this world, extremely dangerous racing is also popular. These races influence the participants, the Desert Riders, by promising fortune, fame, and sometimes even freedom. With a number of eye gathering vehicles and likeable minifigs to follow, I believe this new, unique universe can appeal to many. 

Thank you so much for looking into my project and please don't forget to press the support button! Happy building! :)