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Lightning Strike Drone Tank


The Lightning Strike Drone Tank is a brand-new, sci-fi, space-age style vehicle.  It fits in with many themes or is excellent on its own.  You will want two of them so you and your friend can battle against each other.  

This lightning themed vehicle has many amazing features including - 

  • A 360 degree rotating turret with a missile cannon to shoot in all directions.
  • Two stealthy stud shooters mounted on the lower front of the vehicle.
  • Chrome jet exhausts for style and speed. 
  • Rolling tread tracks to tackle any terrain. 

One of the main design features is that the turret is modular.  This allows you to remove it so that you can build your own customized turret with whatever special features you love!

It has lots of rare and cool elements such as - 

  • Lightning pieces
  • Lightning sword
  • Blue Lightsaber blades
  • Ice skates
  • Barbed wire

This is a well thought-out design that is very playable and displayable!  A must-have for AFOL and children alike!

We really hope you will support this project!  Thank you!

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