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Bricktown Brownstone


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This model was inspired by the Brownstone apartments which can be found in many larger cities around the US. My favorite builds have revolved around the modular creator sets. Brownstones in the large cites tend to have a first floor that is a few steps down from street level however, I wanted to build this unit so it could be side by side with the other modular sets. The two units are separate apartments but have the connectors on the base so they can be attached. Like many of the real life buildings, they have a continuous roofline but each side is owned by someone different. That is why each side has its own color scheme and slightly different details. With their long curving stairways, each side could be used separately to be the end of a row or modular buildings. Both sides have removable ivy growing on their foundations. The buildings are each built on a 16 x 32 baseplate.

The left side of the building contains some details that an older home might have. The owner wanted to grow their own vegetables in the city, so they opted for a rooftop garden. The right side of the building is home to someone who is conscious about the world and how we affect it so they have solar panels on the rooftop and a catchment system to water their plant boxes in the city.

Both units have kitchens and baths on the first floor with backdoors out to yards. The second floors, with main front doors, are the living areas. The top floors contain the bedrooms and the unit on the left also has an architect’s home office. Both units also have balconies on the back.

This build was done with real Lego from a compilation of over a hundred sets and played with by three generations! Special thanks to my son who helped me with the photos. Thanks for taking the time to look, vote and provide feedback.