Product Idea

Modular Pedestrian Street 2: In Search of the Lost Treasure

new images of updated project


Fully updated project


New renders


I used the design of buildings from this set in the Rebrick competition again.
I changed the color scheme of the red building and changed the design of the facade.

New cool renders are coming soon


I used again the buildings from this project in a new big diorama for Rebrick's contest. This week I will make new high quality renders and show you it here after approving of my entry.

And I will make new high quality renders of my Modular Pedestrian Street project very soon.

Winter edition for the Rebrick contest


Finally! First thousand! So I drew a funny picture about this case


Very close to first 1000


I need just 15 votes to second checkpoint!

Help me to get the first thousand!

About new Lepin's set


As it turned out, Lepin organized his own contest of modular buildings. And some quick guy had made from two separate AFOL's  modular projects the single project and had submitted to this competition as his own project. So there are already 2 thieves of the other's copyrights: Lepin and the user with the nickname "worriz wolf"


Lepin stole my design! Aagr!!


Today, I accidentally came across a photo of a new set of Lepin.

The corner part of this building is almost an exact copy of the building from my modular pedestrian street.

This is especially seen if you compare Lepin with the first version of my project.

The color scheme and design of the building were completely copied. I never uploaded the building instruction of my project on the any web-site. So someone just recreated this modular building on the images of my set. I'm certainly a bit upset.