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The Batcave Menace


My Model
Hello all Batman fans out there! This is the exciting Batcave Menace playset! I am glad you are stopping by to preview this set. It features the Man-Bat, Batman, Alfred and Robin (plus a really cool Super Bat Suit I created)! The action is set in the Batcave, which the Man-Bat has found and now attacks without warning! Alfred is knocked to the side while Batman tries to stop Man-Bat. All the while, Robin is thrusted across the Batcave with the special ramming lever built into the side of the playset (see pictures for action sequence).

Why I Built It
I built this playset because I love Batman and I wanted to make the Batcave after getting the Batcave break-in set. I also like seeing Batman fight his arch nemesis, which is the opposite of himself: Man-Bat! I would love to see a real movie where one of Batman and Robin’s enemies finds the Batcave and tries to invade it! What would happen? Now you can act out the action with this new playset!

Why I Believe It Would Make A Great LEGO Set
I think this would be a great LEGO set because it gives all people alike the ability to act out a sequence of events after one of Batman’s enemy’s breaks in. It includes a ramming lever I created on my own just for this set! The lever propels a minifig across the upper platform and into the Batcave below! Nowhere else will you find such ingenuity!

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