Product Idea

Traditional Cruise Ship

Hi everyone!! This is my best representation of a traditional modern cruise ship, it is based off of a few LEGO models that i have seen and also many real life modern cruise ships, i have been working on this project for a couple months now and am finally to the point where i would like to share my idea. As you may notice not all of the pictures have the same deck plan and that is because i am still tinkering with some different ideas and trying to figure out what looks best this ship is partially based off the LEGO Maersk line triple-e set just because that is waht i have at home to scale things with. hopefully in a couple of weeks i will have a more final design, i still have a couple ideas that i would like to figure out, but you can see things like the indoor pool, the outdoor version on the top deck and various things like that that are not the same in every picture, please suggest what should stay and what shouldn’t. thank you very much please support my project!