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The Water Jet


The Water Jet

Do you want an amphibian vehicle for air and water? Well now you can in this LEGO set! Set sail into the ocean, and soar into the sky on a fancy boat/jet. Avoid the camouflaged truck and it's spring-loaded missile rotating turret, and fly to safety! Take the side of the pilot, and help him avoid the missiles, or join the bad guys and prove that the good guys don't always win!

The Water Jet has a hull, wings, and horizontal and vertical stabilizers for all your boating and flying needs. The accompanying truck has green camouflage for forests, a rotating missile turret disguised as a tree, and dark green missiles to add onto the camouflage!


-The pilot, with a leather flying suit and gold epaulets. He is very rich.

-The evil driver, with glowing red eyes, an evilly pale face, and a ripped red cape. This man has a lot of hatred for everything except his friends, which are few.

-The escaped prisoner, accompanying the evil driver. He will stop at nothing to get money, in case he gets caught.



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