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Mercedes Benz o407 Bus Model


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【Ray's Lego Bus Model Workshop】#15100309

Hi Bus-fans, let's build miniature excellent bus models with bricks!

I am trying to create a series of 1/30 accurate bus models "World of Buses.''

Here comes the first one--typical European Mercedes Benz o407.


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Mercedes Benz Bus o405/407 was once the major fleet in lots of European transit systems, carrying millions of people everyday. It is a familiar face to those busy rush hour commuters in the 1990s. As now most of them are retired and substituted with newer buses, this traditional Mercedes vanished from the streets. That's why I started to build one, to keep our memories fresh of the time.

【Design of the Model】

The design of this model cost a long time. I started to research of this bus from a lot of resources, did several dimension estimate, and came with the ultimate Lego size, both including a lot of details and also Lego figure compatible. Moreover, I tried to include as many movable parts as possible "to be qualified as a real model.'' I will walk you through this fantastic model.

【Model Details】

First look on the big photo, any valuable memories back to the rush hour?

This model comes with the authentic appearance:

  • Front ''face''
  • Sides, including the driver's window
  • Rear Engine compartment
  • Interior design (driver's seat area, ticket machine, manual transmission)
  • Some authentic logo stickers
  • Destination sign "Sonderfahrt" indicating "Special Journey" in German. Changeable. (1x2 transparent bricks) 

As was mentioned above, this model also comes with a lot of movable parts to play with as a model:

  • Front wheel steering 
  • Front and rear door opening (Swing doors type, and there are some interesting design)
  • Authentic engine compartment opening
  • Roof detachable as modular buildings, for a showoff in the interior (and to fit Lego figures).
  • Driver's sun shade adjustable


【Additional Details】

Target series: Lego Creator Level

Difficulty: Medium to Expert.

The color was chosen because major fleet of this vehicle is retired, or only sold to some companies for special journey services. But it could also come with some major transit liveries, such as DB, MVG, etc.

This model comes with more than 800 pieces, and an estimated cost would be $90. Hopefully with the mass production of LEGO, it could be lowered.

【Please Support! Thanks!】

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