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Pushtet - Thermal Control Mech



Pushtet is the ultimate thermal control mech of the future.

Designed to withstand extreme temperature and pressure, the Pushtets are a mighty power house.

Usually kept in deep ocean volcanic energy plants, the mechs are programmed is to maintain steady pressure throughout the plant, fix any broken equipments, and work in areas that are deemed too hazardous for humans. 


The mech is a full humanoid capable of versatile flexible movements.

 It is about two and a half the size of a normal human(minifig) and can demonstrate the strength of 1000 men.

It comes with two giant canisters of cooling agent that regulates the mech's temperature, it was purposely designed to be attached to the shoulders to give more free range of motion for the mech.

All Pushtets are equipped with welder/acid projector/Fire Extinguisher guns to fix broken pipes, clear ocean volcanic debris, and put out potential fires.

The mechs are water-proof and comes with high pressurized tubes connecting to its legs to help stablize balance.


2015 ©S.P 

The set uses only official Lego bricks

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