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Lego Minecraft the Desert Biome


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Explore the Desert, a new micro world expansion! Steve, after returning from the Nether and leaving the Village, has found a dessert biome! Having unfortunately ran into a Zombie Villager, Steve digs underground and finds the Ender Portal! What adventures will Steve discover now? includes 3 micromobs: Iron Steve, Sheep and Zombie Villager.

Section 1 has grass dissolve, a village house, and underneath, the Ender Portal. This section has only 2 joining bricks.

Chunk 2 includes a small sand hill, 2 cactuses, and underneath, a mineshaft with exploding TNT. the TNT explodes on the corner. 3 connecting Bricks

Chunk 3 includes a Desert House, A cactus, and underneath, a mineshaft with a chest. 2 connecting bricks.

Chunk 4 includes a water pool, a cactus, and underneath, the stairs to enter the portal and exploding TNT. TNT explodes on the opposite side of the stairway.

4/1/2014- 7 Supporters. so were well on the way. Thanks to everyone so far who has supported especially, LWarrior. Thanks for the advice!
4/2/2014- 9 Supporters. Tell me in the comments what biome I should do next.
4/3/2014- 11 Supporters. I'm pleased to say the next micro-worlds I'm gonna build will be the Snow Biome and the Jungle Biome.
4/4/2014- 13 Supporters. Sorry. Swamp Biome, not Jungle Biome. :-(
4/5/2014- 14 Supporters. Swamp and Snowlands just started development.
4/7/2014- 16 Supporters.
4/8/2014- Finished Building newest CUUSOO project, The Microbot. Expect to see it soon!
4/9/2014- 17 Supporters.
4/10/2014- 18 Supporters.
4/11/2014- 20 Supporters.
4/14/2014- 21 Supporters.
4/18/2014- 23 Supporters.
4/19/2014- 24 Supporters. Sry guys! Swamp still wip. :-(
4/20/2014- Say WHAT?!?! 25 Supporters? A Quarter of the way to 100!
4/26/2014- THIR-TAY Supporerz!!!!
4/28/2014- 34 Supporters.

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